Dental Crowns

Bedford TX Dental Crowns

You keep ignoring that dull ache in your jaw, but now it feels like something might be wrong with it. Or, if a cold glass of water sends you through the roof, you may need dental crowns for damaged teeth.

A crown gets applied directly to the top of the tooth, where a bonding cement offers additional support and durability. In other cases, a patient may need crowns to hold a dental bridge in place, so it performs like teeth.

Brighter Smiles provides Bedford TX residents with dental crowns that look, and feel, like real teeth for strong, confident smiles. We understand many people who struggle with severe oral health concerns feel hopeless, but we can help restore your teeth.

You won’t believe the difference we can make for you, from advanced cavities to damaged teeth and other common concerns. Visit our office or contact us today and schedule your consultation to learn what our staff can do for you.

Dental Crowns Bedford TX

Depending on the condition of the site, as well as what caused the damage, your dental crowns take several forms. In the end, we look for which ones will appear the most natural, as well as which offer more support.

Because the procedure remains straightforward, convenient, and relatively painless, dental crowns can get used for a variety of different applications. In fact, children can receive caps with little to no anesthesia, making it a safe process for most patients’ ages.

There remain lots of choices in materials, colors, shapes, and other considerations, and each patient has different oral health requirements. Our staff helps you make the best choice for your exact needs, and we provide a broad crown selection, including:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Metal Crowns
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal
  • Resin Crowns
  • Porcelain Crowns
  • Temporary Dental Crowns
  • Permanent Crowns
  • And more dental crown solutions.

Each cap has its pros and cons, and not all of them will prove effective for your current health concerns. Allow our experienced staff to help you make the best decision possible and give your teeth the support they need.

before and after with dental crowns

Who Needs Dental Crowns?

Patients from all backgrounds, of life and ages, from young children to elderly adults, can often receive a dental crown. While it may not sound like “baby teeth” need them, adult teeth don’t always grow in when they could help.

If a tooth experiences too much trauma, it could develop an infection or lead to issues with the nerve inside. Other times, a patient may have needed the crown put in ages ago, and now it’s worn out from use.

Some people have cavities that grow too large for fillings to work, and we can replace it with a cap. Others need a dental crown after they undergo a root canal to prevent further issues from occurring with it again.

No matter the cause of your damaged teeth, we can help you replace them with our realistic caps. Choose Brighter Smiles for your dental crowns today.

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