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Bedford TX Teeth Whitening

While patients today can find plenty of teeth whitening kits sold in stores, you simply can’t risk using just any. Instead, those seeking a white, brighter smile should make their appointment with our dental professionals for safer and longer-lasting results.

At Brighter Smiles, we continue offering the best in Bedford, TX, dental services that keep you feeling healthy and confident. By choosing our experienced staff for your cosmetic dental whitening, we can eliminate the guesswork and achieve more natural results.

Even those patients who take great care of their teeth often find that they stay darker than they would prefer. When you drink coffee, sodas, tea, and other murky liquids frequently, it leaves behind stains that don’t want to quit.

We go behind cheap Do It Yourself kits to provide you with a better quality of results for every session. See the difference our oral hygienists can make for your smile today and schedule your best teeth whitening appointment now.

Teeth Whitening in Bedford

At first, some people may scoff at how much their professional teeth whitening appointment can be, but it’s worth the process. You just can’t expect the level of brightness or our natural results when you settle for corrosive kits in stores.
Many of those products get designated as cosmetic products, meaning they receive no medical screening before hitting the store shelves. And because there is no limit to how frequently you can purchase them, it’s easy to overuse them, causing harm.

Instead, our experienced technicians know how to properly use safe, non-toxic whiteners that don’t leave your teeth and enamel weakened. Too often, these cheap kits rely on hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals that tear through your soft tissue and bone.

There truly is no substitute to a professional teeth whitening session for safer, longer-lasting brightness and a healthier daily smile. Don’t put yourself at risk with products that might do far more harm than good and see our results today.

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Can Anyone Enjoy Whiter Teeth?

patients love teeth whitening

While many patients find their teeth whitening appointment a straightforward one, not everyone can undergo the standard brightening procedure safely. When you have teeth forming cracks, weakened enamel levels, or other concerns, it could jeopardize your oral health during service.

We may even have alternative options that can still help you achieve a brighter shade for your smile without harm. Generally, if you still retain all your permanent teeth and haven’t had any dental concerns, you can benefit from it.

If you have sensitive teeth, exposure to too much fluoride, or have ongoing problems with your oral health, call us. We will best advise you on which method or products will remain the ones that achieve the best results safely.

We only use trusted brands of professional brightening tools, bleaches, and other whiteners to deliver a worry-free session each time. Avoid potentially harmful products and kits sold in stores and enjoy a higher quality of care for your oral health.

Brighter Smiles offers superior teeth whitening daily.